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Administrative Management Branch

Irwin M. Arias, MD
  • Francie Kitzmiller, Branch Chief
  • Becky Preston, Deputy Branch Chief
  • Valerie Leftwood, Deputy Branch Chief
  • Nancy Richman, Administrative Officer
  • Joy Kennedy, Administrative Officer
  • Marlene Taulton, Administrative Officer
  • Izet Beckwith, Administrative Officer
  • Stacy Godon, Administrative Officer
  • Natacha Rene, Administrative Officer
  • Nicole Jackson, Administrative Officer
  • Bonnie Lancey, Administrative Officer
  • Michelle Hudson, Administrative Officer
  • Lynn Buckholdt, Administrative Officer
  • Adrienne Tracey, Administrative Officer
  • Christina Cunningham-Charles, Administrative Officer
  • Sherrika Spriggs, Administrative Officer
  • Gina Elmore, Administrative Officer – Budget
  • Giulia Mason, Budget Analyst
  • Ufundi Thomas, Property Officer
  • Timothy Lefeged, Property Technician
  • Steve Norris, Space Analyst
  • Shante Washington, Administrative Technician
  • Tanya Alfred, Administrative Technician
  • Tonya Joseph, Administrative Technician
  • Inez Demery, Procurement Team Lead
  • Richard Thompson, Procurement Team Lead
  • Denna Harris, Procurement Team Lead
  • John Burton, Purchasing Agent
  • David Shen, Purchasing Agent
  • Roshonna Davis, Purchasing Agent
  • William Davis, Purchasing Agent
  • Sherry Weaver, Purchasing Agent
  • Jax Chang, Purchasing Agent
  • Towanda Daniels, Purchasing Agent
  • Jasmine Ruffin, Purchasing Agent
  • Hanumanth Vishnuvajjala, Purchasing Agent

The Administrative Management Branch (AMB) in the Division of Intramural Research (DIR), NICHD, assists in the planning and managing of a variety of administrative management projects in support of the DIR. The AMB provides administrative oversight for adherence to rules and regulations and expertise in administrative services to assure that the NICHD continues to move forward in its mission. The AMB staff are a key component and resource to the Scientific Director for the management and overall planning for the DIR.

The senior leadership within the AMB works directly with the Scientific Director and Deputy Scientific Director, particularly on strategic planning and administrative oversight, and plays a key role in maximizing the resources available in the DIR. The leadership provides guidance in all aspects of administration, represents the DIR at various NICHD programs and NIH–wide committees as well as focus groups concerned with administration.

The AMB administrative staff provide professional, technical, and administrative support in functional areas that further the mission of the DIR. Functional areas include, among others, budget and financial management, human resources, visas, travel, simplified acquisition, contract management and project officer support, safety and security, building and facilities management, timekeeping, program planning and evaluation, and general administrative services.

The AMB staff serve as a liaison between the laboratories/branches that they serve and the many other entities at NIH, such as the Office of the Scientific Director, NICHD; the Office of the Director, NICHD; the Office of Intramural Research, OD; the Fogarty International Center; Human Resources offices; the Office of Research Services including the Division of International Services; the Office of Research Facilities; and the Technology Transfer Branch.

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